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Young Canadian Leaders Summit
May 28-30

Join young leaders from across the country to learn how to stand for truth and justice in politics while pursuing an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. Hear from current and former Members of Parliament and men and women working in the halls of government who are facing the question everyday. “What is my true foundation?”

May 28 - May 30, 2023

Sunday May 28

6pm: Session 1 - Worship & Prayer Night
8pm: Exclusive Parliament Experience 

Featuring special MP discussion Panels, exclusive Parliament Hill experiences, and full attendance to National Prayer Breakfast events.

Monday May 29

9am: Session 2
11am: Session 3
2pm: Parliament Experience Two
4pm: Session 4


Tuesday May 30

7am: National Prayer Breakfast
10am: Session 5
11:30: Closing Session

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